When & Where?
Culture Night Friday September 23 2022
Emmet Place Cork 6pm 

Our Equinox Dream performance is an organic response to climate change, a co-creative collaboration between students and choreographer Karena Walsh

The piece had its genesis in the concerns of the young dancers ages 9 to 18 years old trying to understand what was unfolding in the media coverage of the current climate crisis. Using their ballet and modern dance to express their emotions the current dance piece emerged which is a 16 minute performance to music and spoken word.

The piece highlights the power of nature and explores the elements, water, earth, air and fire   

When & Where?
Friday October 21st @ 3pm
Saturday October 22nd @3pm 
Sunday October 23rd @ 3pm

Where the formal gardens meet the meadows of IMMA (there will be maps at the festival).

Planting and managing a sally garden on the grounds of IMMA is the project: setting up a source of local, sustainable materials for art production, which will also boost the biodiversity of IMMA.

he act of weaving in globalised Ireland is rebellious and hopeful. It is supported by indigenous Irish knowledge; the very act of weaving brings that ancient knowledge into the present, pointing the way towards livable futures for all. 

When & Where?
21st and 22nd October 6-7pm, IMMA Courtyard

‘Luna Park: a social choreography’ borrows the concept and structure of luna-parks to craft a social choreography in process. Luna-parks are colorful systems that incorporate movement and change. In an analogous way, this participatory action would like to create the circumstances for participants (approx. 10 participants) to generate their own luna-park while collaborating, improvising, finding their place in the turning wheel, staying together within the changing dynamics of luna-park.

When & Where?
21.22. 23 October IMMA

Cultures Rising is a response and celebration to the mycological and microscopic worlds found in earth and around us. The work considers the amazing cultures and properties of these organisms. A handful of earth teems with multiple varieties of bacteria, fungus, and virus. These microscopic beings decompose the debris so matter can be composed again into new entities – constant recycling of materials bringing about destruction and rebirth resulting in a constant sacrifice.

Cultures uses mycelium, the vegetative part of a fungus to grow bricks in a mould using sawdust, garden, and paper waste.

When & Where?
22 October IMMA 

A special not open to the public Artist & Contributors ’Step in to the Doughnut’ is being offered Saturday at 12 midday.

The lab space will consist of a small informative exhibition, a maker space for drawing, dreaming and capturing ideas, 4 interactive boards covering the four lenses plus our three workshops.

Although events are free we advise getting tickets as workshop spaces are limited.

The workshops are a combination of social presenting theatre, design thinking, conversations for change.

Combined they bring the doughnut to life in a an embodied tactile social way.

The prompts for thinking, sharing and connecting will make your heart sing!

When & Where?
21.22.23  October IMMA 

We made field recordings early one morning in May, tracking the variations in volume and diversity of the dawn chorus at Derryclare as we moved from native woodland to sitka spruce plantations. The birds with the largest eyes begin the chorus and those with smaller eyes join in as the dawn progresses. Those birds with smaller eyes need to wait until the sky is brighter before they can see their predators and safely sing. The sonic output reflects the number and variety of nesting birds at the sites and gives an aural indication of the richness, or absence, of biodiversity at the two types of woodland.