SPIRAL :Rapid Certified Training Workshop

Creative Change-Makers

This workshop invites people to become a Rapid Climate-Change Trainer in a 60 to 90 minute session. This short but effective workshop has no note taking, dialogue or theories about human’s negative impact on Climate change (increasingly acknowledged as the Anthropocene Epoch).

Our Human Family is Ancient Sunlight

Build skills that make eyes sparkle

This workshop is designed to be an exciting and empowering experience, set to connect Creativity and Positive Intention into Action, in a memorable way. It has been developed especially so that Participants will feel confident that “Positive change is actually Possible.”

The Participants will understand from the outset that they are being trained to deliver a fun biodiversity-themed workshop suitable for all ages, for which they will receive accreditation.

The workshop involves coordinating a simple rain dance and how to lead a human spiral chain. These workshop activities aim to give a deeper connection to their natural environment.

As the  training workshop unfolds, participants will be facilitated to bring elements of the workshop experience so much further.

This is when the real fun starts as the workshop leaders bring in extra interactive and participatory elements, including movement, dance, body percussion and vibrational chanting. They will use practices and elements drawn from time based auditory arts and circle work in general.

Participants will be become confident to facilitate fun filled acoustic rain dances & to be the leader of cosmic invoking healing spiral dances

This workshop will keep everyone engaged & excited. Participants will soak up the ethereal experience that comes about when humans work together in creative unison.

With no need for any special skills or knowledge the workshop experience will be enjoyable and relaxed while at the same time invigorating. The workshop is designed to be an immediate and visceral happening within the festival.


 Earth Rising, IMMA’s new Eco Art Festival, presented over 70 contributors, artist commissions, talks, workshops, Seed STUDIO and showcases a stunning Built to Disappear eco pavilion sponsored by Lioncor and designed by Reddy Architecture + Urbanism. Over the three days, Earth Rising will plant the seeds of sustainability, enabling audiences of all ages to participate, discuss, experiment, and innovate.

The festival, which focuses on citizens assembly, brings together a wide variety of eco artists, practitioners and activists from across the island of Ireland. An eclectic live music line up and a variety of food stalls will add to the energetic atmosphere on site promising an engaging and enjoyable free day out for everyone.